Virtual Cattle Auction in KS

Cattle to Feed facilitates the buying and selling of cattle from ranches to feed yards through our online cattle auction service. We work with buyers and sellers across the United States, but our customers are mostly located in KS, NE, MO, SD, OK, TX, NM, AR, and CO. If you want to buy live cattle, we will connect you with a seller, and vice versa.

The Value of a Virtual Cattle Auction

Remote cattle auctions allow you to take advantage of modern technology while participating in an age-old form of trade. The online nature of these auctions allows you to participate in auctions that would otherwise require you to travel hundreds of miles. As a buyer, you will have access to cattle that you might have otherwise missed. As a seller, you’ll have a larger customer base, which translates to more sales and higher bids.

At Cattle to Feed, we work to provide the best transaction experience for buyers and sellers, which is why we are the only middlemen and we take a competitively low commission on transactions. We maintain lean operations that allow us to keep commission fees so low. However, we don’t sacrifice our dedication to building relationships with buyers and sellers. We aim to move cattle while providing support to ranchers and feed-lot owners alike.

If you’re a cattleman or rancher, know that we have buyers who are lined up and eager to bid on cattle and livestock. Because we already have willing buyers, your cattle are sure to sell quickly. If you’re a buyer, you can browse our current auction listings to place a bid on the cattle that best suit your needs.

To reach a member of the Cattle to Feed team today, fill out our contact form, call or text 620-233-0052, or email